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Quick Facts

Ownership 100% Interest
Location Quebec, Canada
Stage Exploration
Commodity Gold

The Qiqavik Gold Project is an early-stage exploration project containing high-grade gold showings over a 40 kilometre strike of the Cape Smith Greenstone Belt (CSGB).

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Qiqavik Gold Project is located in Northern Quebec

The 100% owned Qiqavik Gold Project is a camp scale property covering 438 square kilometres in the CSGB in Nunavik, Quebec. The Qiqavik Property covers 40 kilometres of strike along the Qiqavik Break, a major crustal-scale structure controlling gold mineralization on the belt. Early-stage exploration completed to date indicates that high-grade gold occurrences are controlled by structural splays off the Qiqavik Break.

Orford Mining commenced exploration on the Qiqavik Gold Project in 2016. From 2016 to 2023, Orford identified over 40 highly prospective targets across the previously underexplored property through mapping, prospecting, till sampling, geophysics, and limited drilling. Alamos Gold acquired Orford Mining in April 2024. Through the acquisition, Alamos also acquired interests in several exploration stage critical mineral and gold projects in Quebec, including West Raglan, the Joutel Properties, and Nunavik Lithium.

The Qiqavik gold exploration property is located in the volcano-sedimentary Parent Group in the North Domain of the CSGB. The CSGB is dominated by basalts and basaltic to andesitic pyroclastics interlayered with thin clastic sediment bands. Several mafic to ultramafic sills as well as dioritic to tonalitic post-tectonic intrusives intrude the volcano-sedimentary package. Historically exploration in the cape smith belt was focused on base metals as the CSB hosts the Glencore Raglan Mine and the Canadian Royalties Nunavik Nickel Mine in the South Domain of the CSB.  There had been very limited gold exploration in the CSB until Orford began exploring the Parent group in 2016.

Since 2016, over 40 highly prospective targets have been identified across the previously underexplored property through mapping, prospecting, till sampling, geophysics, and limited drilling. These targets include several high-grade boulder (up to 648g/t Au) and gold grain-in-till trends, as well as outcrop gold showings across the camp scale property.

The CSB is Paleoproterozoic (1.8-1.9 billion years in age), which is consistent with, and has undergone similar geological/tectonic evolution as other significant gold belts globally including the Trans-Hudson in Canada, the Ashanti Gold Fields in West Africa, the Tapajos-Parima Belt in Brazil, and the Tanami Region in Australia.

As supported by the exploration completed to date, and given the scale of the property, Qiqavik has the potential for multiple significant new greenfield discoveries.

West Raglan
The West Raglan Property is currently under an Option agreement with Wyloo Metals Pty. Ltd., whereby Wyloo can earn up to up to 80% of the West Raglan Project for total expenditures of C$25 million over seven years. In 2023, Wyloo satisfied the first earn-in milestone and acquired 51% ownership interest in the West Raglan Project and has provided notification that it intends on earning-in an additional 19% to take its interest to 70%.

The West Raglan property is a large 646 km2 property situated in the Cape Smith Belt in the Nunavik Region of Northern Quebec. West Raglan Ni, Cu, PGE, Co mineralization is hosted in the ultramafic units of the Lac Esker Suite (1.89-1.87 Ga). These ultramafic units host all known nickel sulphide mineralization in the Cape Smith Belt, including Glencore's Raglan mine (North Trend) and Canadian Royalties’ Nunavik Nickel mine (South Trend). The West Raglan property covers a 50-km strike of both the "North" trend, that hosts Raglan- style deposits, and the "South" Trend, that hosts Canadian Royalties-style deposits.

Joutel Properties, Abitibi Quebec 
Joutel Eagle is located along the historical Eagle-Telbel Mine Trend in the Abitibi Greenstone belt. Alamos can earn 100% interest in the 50 km2 Joutel Eagle Property through an option agreement from Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. The Joutel Eagle Property is an advanced exploration stage gold property with approximately 20,000 metres (“m”) of historic drilling and 3,253 m of current drilling completed by Orford in 2022 and 2023 that has identified multiple gold zones. The property is adjacent to Agnico Eagle’s past producing Eagle-Telbel operation which produced in excess of 1.1 million ounces of gold. The Joutel Eagle Property covers 11 km of strike length of the Casa Berardi structural zone south splay which is associated with several gold deposits.

Nunavik Lithium 
The 100% owned Nunavik Lithium properties are comprised of 598 km2 of claims in the Cape Smith area of the Nunavik Region in northern Quebec. Following the acquisition of the claims in 2023, Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum (“LCT”) bearing pegmatites were discovered on three projects through the initial exploration program. An additional 12 new exploration targets for LCT pegmatites were subsequently identified during the 2023 field program based on till geochemical results. These results also generated two potential exploration targets within the properties for gold. The Nunavik Lithium properties have had no previous exploration for any commodities.