Dividend Reinvestment Plan

The Company’s dividend reinvestment and share purchase plan (“DRIP”) gives shareholders the option of increasing their investment in Alamos, at a discount to the prevailing market price and without incurring any transaction costs, by electing to receive common shares in place of cash dividends.

The Company has the discretion to elect to issue such common shares at up to a 5% discount to the prevailing market price from treasury, or purchase the common shares on the open market including the facilities of the New York Stock Exchange, and will advise as such with each dividend declaration.

Plan Agent and Enrollment

Enrollment in the DRIP is optional. The plan will be administered by Computershare Investor Services. For further information on the plan including how to enroll, please access Computershare's self-service web portal, through the following link:

Details on the plan and the forms needed to enroll are also available below.